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A Message from MOT Charter School

Since 2002 the Board of Directors has governed MOT Charter School according to its bylaws. The board's primary areas of focus are strategic and fiduciary - it is the responsibility of the board to establish policies consistent with the mission and vision of MOT Charter School, to ensure the school's short-, medium-, and long-term financial security, to monitor the school's success in meeting its goals, and to oversee and evaluate the Head of School. Daily operational decisions are the responsibility of the Head of School and campus leadership teams, and any questions or concerns regarding day-to-day decisions should be directed to the appropriate building leader.

We welcome you to contact us for any information regarding MOT Charter School by sending an email to our Head of School at: You can also visit our Board of Directors page, for further information on our school. 

Financial Disclosures

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Citizen Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC)

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Policies & Procedures

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For further information, or if you have any questions on the materials provided above, please contact the MOT Charter Business Office at 302-376-5125.

Image with both K8 and high school campus for MOT Charter School  merged