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K-12 Integrated Curriculum

MOT Charter uses a continuous, vertically aligned K-12 curriculum designed to support the development of the whole child – academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

This grade-to-grade curriculum is the (blueprint/benchmark/guiding principle) to guide students as they learn and master skills with ever-increasing depth and sophistication. The core of these essential skills includes analytical reading and clear writing: the use and understanding of mathematical concepts; the ability to use the tools of observation, inference and logic; and the development of creativity and physical potential.

This approach also allows teacher to communicate and collaborate across both content areas and grade levels, making us better able to monitor and support student academic achievement and deliver instruction targeted to our students’ needs.

We encourage students to use a growth mindset to engage in the challenges of their education. Lifelong skills such as persistence, creativity, communication as well as empathy and pride in their work are built/developed during their time at MOT Charter.

Our K-12 Learning Goals:

  • Create confident thinkers, innovative artists, healthy athletes, thoughtful friends and proactive citizens.
  • Cultivate sense of ownership in their academics.
  • Teach how to recognize that their thoughts are things and their creativity and imagination can become real and transformative contributions to our world.
  • Ensure students feel comfortable and confident contributing to classroom discussions.
  • Be Authentic.

Blaze Your Trail

One grade to the next, we lead students' educational journeys - gaining knowledge, testing ideas & themselves. Learning from mistakes & each other to discover who they are.

When you can be anything be Kind

Each classroom connects to the next. Each common area, stage, gym and office space weave together. These spaces fill the community that becomes MOT Charter. 

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