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ARTS Academy

The Academy of Arts was created to serve the needs of students who live in lower New Castle County and want to pursue an art-infused, yet highly competitive, high school academic program. Arts programs are designed to explore and develop the creative potential of students interested in performing and/or visual arts.

We recognize Arts Academy students are more likely to need to learn how to market their talents, therefore a Marketing minor is required for students in this Academy (Marketing minor is an elective for STEM Academy majors). 

Students posing in front of theatre on Broadway in New York City
Cast & crew from musical production of Shrek
Female dancer jumping in front of stone building
Dance students leaping in class
student drawing in art class
Student working on computers in digital media class
Students practicing on pianos
Picture of 4 female and 3 male orchestra students posing for camera
Dance icon

Based in Ballet technique, ensemble and solo work and encompassing classical vocabulary and history, students will advance their skills in a variety of dance.

Digital Media icon

Focuses on the creation of digital multi-media, including graphic design, journalism, audio productions and video productions. Students study both the art and the digital tools necessary to successfully create and manage digital media.

Flexible learning environments

Pathway supports creativity, innovation, and collaboration through coursework in business and technology, entrepreneurship, global social media, and behavioral and design marketing. Students can choose to major in this pathway, or minor in Marketing.

Music icon

Instrumental majors participate in a variety of ensembles while Vocal majors participate in chorus. Both majors also feature solo work while studying music theory & history and expanding their range of techniques, performance skills and repertoire.

Theatre icon

Founded on the building of performers who are confident risk-takers. Participation in a strong ensemble builds to include later opportunities for character studies and directing.

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Focuses on the study and application of the elements of design in varied media. Studio work moves from drawing, painting and printmaking to opportunities for photography, digital artwork, costume & set-design. Students may focus on their specific areas of interest in preparation for their senior capstone projects.


Hear what our students say about the Visual Arts Pathway

I've always liked art, but I can see now that designing could be my career path. Having creative freedom to take what we learn about different techniques in such a large variety of mediums is not only fun but really interesting. I'm happy our classes are year-long, it gives us time to do so much and the smaller class sizes mean my teachers are able to pay more attention to me and support or push me as I need. - Chloe W.

Welcome to the Academy!

Dancers and singers performing on stage at MOT Charter high school