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Middle School

Middle school is not just the prelude to the high school years, it’s the time of transitions with unprecedented intellectual, physical, and emotional changes. We believe it is our responsibility to support each student’s individual path of self-discovery in every way, not just academically.

Our middle school program is designed with intentional effort to provide experiences which foster curiosity, creativity, perseverance, open-mindedness, empathy, and the ability to communicate and collaborate. As students develop and progress through Middle School, they acquire the tools and skills needed to assume greater personal responsibility and independence.  Students identify effective study skills and organization that support their own needs and learning.  With teacher support, both independent and group academics become increasingly challenging in order to help ensure students are well-prepared to take on age-appropriate rigors, in middle school and beyond.  An overarching goal is to help all students be a part of the learning community while building upon their own unique individual skills and talents.

The middle school curriculum is built off of Common Core Standards and Next Gen Science Standards.  It is a combination of novel studies in English, integrated mathematics (inclusive of Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics), civil responsibilities in Social Studies, and real-world scientific issues.  

Students in seventh and eighth grade also experience CAD, robotics, electronic circuitry, aeronautics, and civil engineering, among other topics, through their STEM class.  These students also participate in Entrepreneurial studies through their Business Education class, including an opportunity to engage in a real-world market situation during the school’s Entrepreneur Fair.

Students in middle school can also customize their learning experience by choosing to engage in programs such as Drama, Band, and Choir.

It would be easy to make an assignment “research this topic on your Chromebook”. However we want our classes to engage, like a seminar, where students are discussing text or concepts. That is how students will develop speaking and listening skills, perspective, empathy and their sense of self.

Middle School Administration & Faculty

Terry Howarth


Eric Walter

Assistant Principal

Nicole Squitiere

Teacher, 6th Grade

Jessica Stevenson

Teacher, 6th Grade, Coach

Cathy Swalm

Teacher, 6th Grade

James Hewes

Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade: Science

Nicole Hewes

Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade: Social Studies, Coach

Andrea Pielert-Popham

Teacher, Math

Don Whitaker

Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade: Math, Coach

Taylor Beal

Reading Specialist

Betsy Lancy

Teacher, 7/8 ELA

Jade Lott

Teacher, 7/8 STEM
Middle School students in reading class
6th grade math students
Students in math class
students in spanish class
eighth graders in class