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Technology and 1:1 Programs

When MOT Charter was founded, we were on the cutting edge of schools who offered a Technology class as a related art offering starting in Kindergarten. Our tech lab was outfitted with 40 desktops and each classroom had a few computers for student use.

Today, every student in grades 6th-12th is assigned a Chromebook and each Kindergarten through 5th classroom has a laptop cart which holds units for the students to use during the school day. These resources are used to prepare students to create and collaborate with the goals of:

  • support active, student-centered learning in classes
  • offer hands-on learning with a focus on safety, coding, digital citizenship and tech-tool learning experiences.
  • build collaboration skills in a project-based environment
  • builds comfort with using technology
  • integrate technology skills throughout the curriculum
  • strengthen communication skills by working with faculty & peers

Hands on experience teaches students to be adaptable to technology trends, such as workforce mobility and increased digitization, which will impact their future workplace marketability. By creating project-based instruction which integrates the use of current web tools, such as digital video into class projects or designing digital presentations; graduates are prepared to be tech-savvy professionals who are comfortable working in online environments.

In addition, our technology model allows teachers to:

  • stay on the forefront of engagement & innovation by researching and sharing new ideas for class instruction, and providing one on one help when needed
  • utilizing Schoology, a web-based communication platform, through which students and teachers can share information about curriculum, homework, grades, schedules, class collaboration, questions & answers and more
  • continuously improve communications with student and their families

"I found I could take my love for art and use technology for class projects to find new ways to express myself and expand my creativity.” – art student

Student using classlink